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TUW at EU PVSEC 2015 Conference

SolarDesign coordinator, Nadja Adamovic, as a delegate of the Vienna University of Technology (TUW), participated in the EU PVSEC 2015 Conference from 14th- 18th September 2015 in Hamburg (Germany).

EU PVSEC is the largest international Conference for Photovoltaic research, technologies and applications, and at the same time a top international PV Industry Exhibitions.

The main focus of EU-PVSEC was to network, to present and to discuss the latest developments and innovations in Photovoltaics. The forum hosted more than 2500 PV specialists from 77 countries. More than 50 % of the participants at the EU PVSEC 2015 had been represented by R & D specialists and about 40 % from the segment industry and engineering.

During the conference Dr. Adamovic took a part at the poster session presenting the simulations results of FP7 European Project SolarDesign to the broad public. During the event she exchanged ideas with experts in the field of thin film solar cells.

The EU PVSEC 2015 was a good technology platform to present SolarDesign project in the largest conference concerning the research in the PV field.


SolarDesign Poster at EU PVSEC 2015 Conference